Friday, April 29, 2011

Freebie Friday - Counting with Shapes poster

Here is Freebie Friday again.  I designed this poster for my son so we could have fun counting and learning what certain shapes are called at the same time - I have included tiny labels on each shape.  Honestly?  I needed the little labels more than him I think.  ha ha.  By the way, is anyone having any problems accessing these files?  I am using Dropbox and just wanted to check.

Also, I have had some thrift shop scores lately that I have to share.  Look!  Now I have 3 of these lovely blue Mason jars.  I am trying to convince myself I don't need any more now.  They make me so happy to look at them on my kitchen windowsill and sometimes I use them for vases which just ups the cuteness factor even more.

Owl fever shows no signs of abating and I have succumbed to a few little treasures.  The latest being this adorable little plant pot and a vintage owl themed book which I bought mainly for the illustrations.

Here is a better view of the little pot.

Look at this page out of the book.  Would be lovely scanned and printed off to frame for a child's room don't you think?

I really love thrift store shopping but, after my first flurry of cheap purchases I am keeping myself in check so I don't bring too much 'stuff' into my home for no good reason.  Not what I need after all my (past and continuing) decluttering efforts.  Do you like thrift store shopping too?  What has been your favourite find?


  1. I do but rarely find anything worth having! I love the owl pot!

  2. That's super cute! Decorative and educational- I love it! Thanks so much, I'll be spreading the word.



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