Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow day activity #389 (at least it feels like it has been snowy for that long)

When the backyard looks like this (and has for 2.5 months)....

you look to the wonderful world of the internet for inspiration.  You must check out the brilliant simplicity of Made by Joel (here is the link to his original cereal box doll house creation).  I love his stuff so so much.

Anyway, I was flicking through his site one day about two months ago with Lord A on my knee and, last week, with no prompting from me, Lord A made this from memory.  I helped with the furniture (the little table and chairs in the bottom left) but he directed.  and added slides.  every little cereal box doll house has to have at least two slides apparently....  the Lego people are loving it.  (also a good illustration of how you just never know what is going to stick in their heads!)  (see the food on the table? one pistachio...Lego people love them apparently)

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