Thursday, February 4, 2010

Montessori style button snake



I saw this idea on a number of blogs awhile ago (can't remember which - sorry) and finally got around to making it myself yesterday.  Lord A was happily putting all the felt squares on while I was cutting the slit in the middle (and trying to keep ahead of him).  This was so simple to make.  Just stitch two large buttons onto either end of a length of ribbon (which doesn't need to be very long - mine is about 15cm) and cut out a bunch of felt squares.  I folded them in half to cut the slit in the middle but be careful as it is very easy to cut the slit way too long doing it that way.  One note though, even though Lord A happily did this activity as I was making it, he did it that once and then declared it 'boring'.  I think he is a little too old for it at 4 but this would be a great activity for younger kids still.

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