Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Simple felt needle book

Today I am posting a couple of photos of a simple project I have just completed of a felt needle book with blanket stitch binding and a press stud tab closure. I know these have been around forever, as good things are, so I am just adding my little individual twist of style to it. The first photo shows the completed book and the second shows the different coloured felt 'pages' inside.

These are the measurements I used:

Cover - 19cm long x 15cm wide
Inside pages - 17.5cm long x 14cm wide
Tab closure - 6cm long x 3.5cm wide


1. Fold the cover and each page in half and iron the crease.

2. Place the pages inside each other and then inside the cover.

3. Once they are neatly stacked like the finished book, secure with pins through all the thicknesses. This is to stop them moving while you do the blanket stitch binding.

4. Do the blanket stitch binding.
5. Trim one end of the tab closure rectangle to whatever you prefer - I have notched the corners like an office supply label. You could round it also or leave it rectangular.

6. Stitch the untrimmed end to the inside middle of the back cover.

7. I used a decorative flower cutout and button to brighten mine up and then stitched a press stud to the underside. You could leave yours plain or you could stitch a button to the cover and cut a slit in the tab closure to close it. Just use whatever option you prefer.


  1. I love it!!! That is sooo much better than all those baskets, jars and containers with needles and safety pins! If I find felt at reasonable price (here in London craft items cost more than ready items made out of them) I will definitely be making it... very, very nice and cute! I'm going to post link to Twitter ;)

  2. This is so creative,i have just bought felt stickers but i dont know what to do with them and how can i stick them..are they self adhesive or i have to glue them with a glue i hope you understand what i am asking..i am also going to follow your can also visit my blog thanks..:)



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