Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday evening hodge podge post

This is just a hodge podge of things I have been up to and things I am liking the look of!  Check out this gorgeous terrarium design.  Good to see they are back in the design spotlight.  I love these ones!  I spotted these on Apartment Therapy.

Now, as for the very little I have been up to, here is another very basic stamp in my series of very basic stamp making....  Can't wait to get some of the good materials and tools to really work on something interesting and more detailed!

This is a very quick game I set up for the kids in desperation this afternoon.  It is chilly and they didn't want to go outside, plus I didn't really want them outside in the chilly air when they are both a little under the weather.  So, after listening to fight after fight I decided to sit and play this very, very basic little game with them.  They loved it!  Basically, you just get a bit of newspaper, scrunch it into a ball, wrap it in sticky tape to stop it unravelling, grab a couple of straws and blow the ball towards each other on opposite sides of a table.  Many variations ensued after this initial setup, ending up in straw golf utilising a long orphaned putting practice piece (say that fast 3 times).  I think I initially saw this idea in the very handy 501 TV Free Activities for Kids (Di Hodges).  A book I snaffled off my generous sister actually (and which I was supposed to give back I think...).  You can buy this on Amazon if you don't have a sister handy to nick it off (the previous link will take you there).

These following photos are a shining example of my progress with 'letting go' and not being so anal about some things.  One of the (many) things I have been anal about is letting the kids use their art materials often.  They always have access to a certain number of art materials (I am not totally awful!) like felt pens, pencils, crayons, play doh, plasticine, sticky tape, etc. but I am not so good on the ones with real potential for mess - like paints and sometimes stamp sets (don't get me started on glitter!).  Anyway, we can all clap for me that I not only let them use the paints (in the room with a rug - outside is usual!) but I didn't even flinch when A decided his hands were just as good as the paintbrush for distributing aforementioned paint.   Only a little bit ended up on the floor and his socks soaked that up anyway!  :-)  My goodness, he is cute!

Ok, this item is just one that caught my eye for its grossness factor.  They look truly disgusting and I am sure my kids would love them!!

If you are remotely interested in knowing how to do them, you can find out here.

Now, onto pretty things.  These are just a few things I have come across lately that caught my eye.

I am totally in love with this knitted cape!  If only I could knit.....

I found this lovely art (via this delightful blog - More Ways to Waste Time) and am going to purchase it soon from Freya Art.  There are many others so it is worth popping over to her Etsy shop.  I like lots of them but this one is my favourite.  I think I will buy it as a belated anniversary present for us.  Kind of appropriate when we move around a bit.

Last, but certainly not least, this was another favourite Etsy find - The Brass Hussy.  I love their jewellery and it is so affordable!  These two just might be coming home to me shortly....

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  1. Mmmmmmm.......I am also loving those earrings, in particular tehebrass circle ones.



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