Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Jumbly Day

Well, I still haven't got to my promised tutorial but managed instead to have some quality time with a sick little boy (I am imagining in the background - 'I'm not little!' - sorry, sick 'big guy').   We made these delicious iced jumbles from Bill Granger's Everyday cookbook.  I love this cookbook.  I keep on promising myself that I am going to cook my way through it.  I have pored through it many times and this is only the second recipe I have tried but at least I have started!  I suggest you buy it and try his wonderful, simple, real recipes yourself.  Now I am going to turn off my computer and enjoy the rest of this slow drizzly day playing 'Tumbling Monkeys' and other things with my 'big guy'....


  1. Hi Catherine

    You have mentioned that cookbook a few times now, so I am going to get it out and have a closer look at it. I remember the vanilla patty cakes you have made from it, yummm. I think I can find it in amongst all my cookbooks. Love the card by our neice.

  2. Give that big boy a big kiss from his favourite Aunty.



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