Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving on....

Well, as predicted, that was one busy week!  Nice to take a breather now.  I have come down with an annoying head cold so laying low this week is just the thing I need.

So, I haven't really done much, crafty wise but just thought I would share a couple of things.

My darling daughter came up with this decoration for our vase and then I happened to spot something almost exactly the same on Apartment Therapy.  What good taste my little girl has!

This is the only other thing I have done.  Another card.  I actually just drew the cage using one of my kid's felt pens but I think it turned out pretty cute.  I really love the saturated colours of felt pens actually (they are underutilised I think).  Not exactly how it was in my head but I like it all the same.  I have more cards needed for family member's birthdays coming up so there may be a bit of a card making glut coming up!  Maybe I should do all of them for the year (well, the half that is left) at once so they are ready and can get posted in plenty of time (instead of me posting them so they would be on time...if I was actually in Australia....).  Ah, the tribulations of being disorganised!

I just had to share this gorgeous card made by my niece.  She is a very talented young artist and you can see her talent for composition here I think.  Is that sounding like a biased Aunty comment?  Oh well, too bad, I don't care!

I have a tutorial in my mind that I hope to complete in the next few days, sick kids allowing...stay tuned!


  1. You know what? That is one excellent notion. A full day of birthday card making and that's it, the whole family done for a year. Can you tell from the slightly hysterical typing that we missed my mother-in-law's birthday yesterday? She lives in the UK and I can feel the cold shoulder all the way from here...(ouch!)

  2. Hi Catherine - thanks for stopping by renovate + decorate! Try copying and pasting this link for the little brown pen stationery:
    love, love that little bird stamp!

  3. I know, I am thinking of writing in them and addressing them to be posted ahead of time as well! Now, if only I could do all the presents at the same time too...



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