Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick ideas

I am having a very busy, busy week so this is a quick idea post.  I did both of these ideas for my previous home and I loved doing them because they gave me a great effect for very little cash and very little time.  My favourite sort of idea!

These frames are cheap unfinished ones from Ikea that I stained and varnished a dark brown (it doesn't take too long, really!).  I cut out white card the same size of the frame and then cut out three rectangles from wrapping paper in a smaller size than the white card to give the effect of a mat.  I just glued them on and popped it all back into the frame before hanging on the wall.

These are the same frames but I left the timber unfinished.  I used the same technique with red card and some of the children's art as well as a couple of full wrapping paper ones for contrast.

Hopefully I will have some more crafty fun by the end of the week!

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