Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pear terrarium

Received my fine white sand!  I need to rearrange it a bit but otherwise I LOVE IT.  Seriously love it.  Like 'walk through that room on purpose as a detour so I can look at it and smile' love it.  I think I especially love the tiny little starfish and shell that Robin Charlotte from Etsy included with the plants.  I can't wait for the plants to grow up a bit now.

I had some sand left over so A made one in my rose bowl vase.  I think his actually looks better and I really like the addition of twigs.  I might have to get the sweet boy to rearrange mine for me.

Of course, now I have to buy more sand so E can make one (twist my arm - not).  Oh, looky that, I have a good reason to go to the thrift store again for a suitable vase/terrarium planter!  Oh wait, I would have gone anyway.... :-)



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