Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Over 40...

Can someone please explain to me how, after a certain age, you suddenly have to pluck hair seemingly continuously from your face, neck and body and do so religiously but, one day, you catch the light a different way and find this....

(pardon my shocking computer drawing skills for what looks like a mattress spring coming out of her neck)
(no, that isn't me)

...which apparently has been growing for 3 months and you never noticed it before!  Just delightful.


  1. Are you sure that isn't you? Don't you like to do your hair, put on your best dress & cardigan and nice pearl necklace to greet your husband at the door when he comes home from a hard day's work . . . before returning to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner for the family? :)

  2. Ha ha, you outed me, 'anonymous'! Of course I love to do that! Especially with a wayward hair sticking out of my neck...

  3. HA! Oh my. This made my day, truly.

  4. Ovarian troubles. Apparently ovaries can make facial hair grow really fast - that hair may only have been there for a few days and may not return for months. Google should be able to tell you more. definitely don't need the tweezers to remove them.



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