Monday, September 5, 2011

Jeggings to shorts recycle

My daughter has about 6 pairs of jeggings that she used almost the entire autumn and winter for school last year. They still fit her but the knees are worn through on most of them (some of them got patched for school).  I don't know how long we will have warmer weather for here in Minnesota* but to stretch her wardrobe for a bit longer I thought a bit of scissor action is all we needed.  I just cut the first leg and then folded the jeggings over to follow that cutting line on the other leg.  Then I used the cut off piece as a guide for the rest.

Now she has 6 pairs of long denim shorts.  Yay for recycling (upcycling?)!  She wouldn't even consider me hemming them so this is about one of the easiest clothing refashions you will ever do.  I will just have to snip off threads as they come loose over time I guess.  Now I just need to find another 6 pairs of jeggings in the next size up to last this coming winter...

(* since I wrote this, it has been feeling all autumn like here the last two days...  we missed a month of summer and don't feel ready for autumn yet!  please wait mother nature!)


  1. It looks like Mother Nature is ignoring us big time Catherine!! This is a brilliant bit of upcycling and they look lovely too. Lee x

  2. I love your upcycled jeggings! I was planning to do the same thing!

    1. Thanks Stacy! They worked great that summer/early autumn.



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