Friday, February 26, 2010

Scrapbuster project - tin can recycle


I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks.  Kids are on school holidays still and I have been crafting with them plus I have about 10 projects all on the go (I am so bad for that) but most not completed (I am bad for that too).  Anyway, here is one that I have actually finished enough to show you.  Empty pineapple tin, meet scrap paper pile (and my beloved mod podge!).  I have a bunch more tins and scrap paper for more as I am sure you could rustle up too.  I think I almost like these more than the ones with just the one design of paper on them.  I can't wait to have a whole row of them on the desk.  Along with all my jars with covered lids.....

For a quick instruction on the process, I literally just cut all my scrap paper into squares and rectangles (hmm, maybe circles would look cute too) then mod podged them on making sure they were overlapping.  I didn't bother painting this tin first as I like the touch of the industrial look with the metal (plus I just couldn't be bothered!).


  1. So cute!! I saved a metal nut tin the other day...and now I know how to gussy it up. *grin*

  2. Oh I am SO glad to find you (you left a note on my photography post, THANKS!) You look like you are a woman after my own heart! Why you would leave Australia though, I loved it there :) I suppose there is a lot to love in SA too, never been, but will!

    Keep posting such pretty things, I will be back from here on in! :)

  3. nice ! ... do you have to give it a sealer coat of glue or varnish or wouldn't it matter .. K x

  4. Hi Karen! I put another two coats of mod podge over the top. Which doesn't take long - they dry quickly.

  5. I love this can, it's so lovely! I made one not with papers but with my favorite Japanese masking tapes. I had fun with it, so I do know how you feel when you finish your can.
    Like your blog. Haven't have time to read all of them, but will come back later for more!

    Have a nice day.



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