Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plate display shelf makeover


When we moved into our house here in Uruguay, this old display shelf was in the wood pile for burning.  Admittedly it is not great quality but I thought it could still be saved and used for a little while yet.  This was a very quick and easy makeover.

Firstly, I just cleaned it all down.

Then I added a strip of timber to the bottom shelf with some strong wood glue.

I forgot to take photos of this step but I just undercoated (primed) the whole thing and then spray painted it in a soft, almost Wedgwood, blue.  I really wanted to paint it red but I am giving it to my housekeeper when we leave and she wasn't too keen on having fire engine red in her house!  The red will have to wait for another project for Lord A.


Here is a closeup of the pretty decorative ends too.


What do you think, worth the effort?



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