Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick chair update

Outside of all the advent fun (I will get to that later) I managed to squeeze in a quick Ikea hack.  Well, half a hack.  I added some scrapbook paper to the seat of this plain kiddy chair with Mod Podge (my new BFF).  This photo shows how the chair looked before on the left and the right one has the paper obviously.  I love it and will do the other one tomorrow hopefully.  Simple but effective.  Here is a detail of the paper - how cute is this??

So, our advent days so far have included a family movie night, going out for ice-cream, visiting a big Christmas decoration store and choosing their annual decoration, visiting friends and we plan on heading to a small science museum on Thursday.  Tomorrow I might do the first treasure hunt for them.  I am guessing that would be preferable than a piece of paper announcing a dentist visit tomorrow, ha ha.


  1. I would also love to see the chair painted. A red or maybe a navy. I do love the paper.

  2. I think I would love to use one of those almost sheer coloured wood stains in green. I had a hard time separating from that paper....



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