Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent days 1 and 2

I love this idea over at The Crafty Crow.  She shows what Christmas book they are reading every day for advent and the craft they did that day.  I thought I would try and do this on craft days too.  Although, after searching through my kids' extensive library I could only find 3 Christmas books!  That is not going to keep us going for long!  So the book feature will include many non-Christmas ones too obviously.

For Advent day 1 we didn't read collectively but the craft was to make gift cards for the teachers and I didn't worry about taking photos of that one (this activity was only for Princess E as Lord A is not at school yet - he got a chocolate instead).

For Advent day 2 we read 'Madeline's Christmas' (by Ludwig Bemelmans) and our activity for the day was family art night.  I got this idea from The Artful Parent and she got the idea from SouleMama.  Basically I just put a very large piece of paper on the dining table after dinner with coloured pencils and felt pens and then everyone took a turn naming a theme to draw from.  We had Christmas symbols, oceans, trees, flowers, dogs, funny scenes (that was an easy one! lol) and rain.  The kids particularly loved seeing Daddy drawing and it was a fun activity to do together.

Now, what to do today.....

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