Friday, July 17, 2009

Party favours

Just a quick post today. Princess E had her party with her school friends yesterday so I made some little party favours (the full on party bag thing doesn't happen here - yay!). This is a very simple one obviously. I had some of these little cellophane bags (they are really cheap to buy in bulk and come in handy for so many things - the size here is 100 x 190 mm). I put in three homemade chocolate chip cookies, turned the top of the bag over and secured it with a little piece of tape and added the folded scrapbooking paper at the top. For the paper top, I measured the right width and cut them all out using my rotary guillotine (thank you Sandra) then folded them, trimmed the edges with scalloped edge scissors, placed it over the cellophane and stapled them on. I would have normally punched two holes and threaded ribbon through for a prettier effect (instead of staples) but I don't have any ribbon and haven't been able to find an easy supply here. Then I printed off some labels with the little message and stuck them on the front. Easy peasy! The kids really loved them too.

Well, in keeping with my less than prolific posting lately, we are heading off to visit an 'estancia' (like what we would call a farm stay in Australia) over the weekend so I won't be back until after that. We should all have sore butt's next week from horseriding! Yee ha!

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  1. I love it! Next birthday party is in I'm taking notes ;) Thanks for visiting today!!




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