Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cards and paper flower balls

Wow, two blog posts in a row.... Well, I haven't had much of a chance to do much craft for myself (or blogging!), as per my previous post, but this last weekend was Princess E's birthday and Father's Day so a couple of cards were in order and I did some 'party decorating' upon Princess E's request.

This is my card for Princess E - a scrapbooking paper pinwheel on printed paper with the sentiment 'Have a whirly good Birthday!'. I absolutely love how this turned out and she loved it too, more importantly.

I made this card for the kids to give for Father's Day. I used one of Princess E's art project drawings for inside the square and then printed off the frame border with repeating phrases of 'we love you daddy...happy father's day...'. I also made a border with a white background and purple writing which I think I liked a little bit better but Princess E liked this one (and Lord A couldn't have cared less).

This is the birthday card my super talented niece made and sent for Princess E. I love, love, love her work. I am only sad that it got wet in transit and is a little distorted.

This is a little picture she did for me as well. How did she know I actually covet a pair of shoes just like that!

This is my attempt at a tissue paper flower ball as seen around various blogs and magazines (I originally saw them on Martha - here are the instructions). I couldn't find tissue paper here in Uruguay so I had to try and think of an alternative seeing as I had my heart set on doing one for Princess E's birthday. Well, I have used paper napkins here and they really aren't ideal but I am happy with the final effect. It turned out pretty well, considering, I think. Yellow is her favourite colour of the moment so I decorated the dining room all in yellow and white with streamers and balloons and the paper flower ball. I hung crepe paper streamers right across the whole doorway (hanging like a curtain) for her and the kids have had a blast running through them all weekend. I might even leave it up for awhile as it is cheering me up in the middle of winter right now.

I am hoping to get some crafty goodness happening around here in the very near future. DH came back from his extended business trip with half a suitcase of craft supplies (what a man - shopping in a craft store for me!). Woo hoo! He bought the lino cutters and stamp making slabs so I am going to have to decide on a design to carve a proper stamp now. That is the hard part - narrowing down which design to do. I will keep you posted on my progress!


  1. I gotta say I think your flower ball looks great! I've also seen them here and there and think they would look so darling for a party. And the cards are so cute!

  2. Thank you! I would love to have tissue paper and do a whole bunch for a party too.

  3. i love the pinwheel reminds me of breezy summer afternoons...what a lucky little princess you have to have such a creative mommy



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