Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coloured 'sand' jars & painted rocks

Ok, just a quickie to show you a couple of activities we have done this week. It was a cold rainy day here on Monday so I pulled out my activity 'star attraction' for the week. Coloured 'sand' jars (thanks to Ramblings of a Crazy Woman)!

Basically you get a bag or salt and divide it into different ziploc bags and then add food colouring. Half the fun is in smooshing the bag around to distribute the colour evenly (reading back at the instructions - you are supposed to pour them out to let them dry which I forgot to do - maybe that is why the colours are 'bleeding' a little in our jars). Then I poured the colours out into different little bowls and gave the kids some jars to start layering their colours with. The final effect is one of those touristy coloured sand jars. They loved it and it kept them going for a while - bowls being replenished regularly. Even my 3 yr old had no problems with these. I am sure they would have kept going if I hadn't run out of jars! I should have grabbed out some glasses, I wasn't thinking.

We also painted a few rocks. Here are a couple of our examples. Princess E's ladybug is just waiting for some eyes now...maybe we will do some more today.

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