Monday, March 30, 2009

Colour mixing and farewell Moster

Well, it has been a pretty boring week, craft wise, around here! I have been in a bit of a funk and haven't had a lot of enthusiasm for anything much - not even baking. I did manage one activity with A and E got some enjoyment out of the second half of it as well. Basically I put food colour (diluted) into 3 glasses, got out the paint palettes and an eyedropper and let A transfer the coloured water to each little indentation and then he added a different colour. I wish I had a photo of A's face when a drop of blue hit the yellow. He loved it! Then, after he finished that, we did some cotton bud painting. Always a favourite.

Apart from that, my great Aunt (we called her Moster) just passed away and I am on the other side of the planet and can't get back for the funeral. As much as I enjoy aspects of the expat way of life, these things sadden me. So, in memory of our dear beloved (and eccentric!) Moster, here is my favourite recent photo of her. She was 99 years old and would have turned 100 this November.

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