Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Nine of 'Housebound with Chicken Pox Child'

Ok, first let me say that I love my children. Love, adore, would do anything for them. However, after 9 days of being at home with a quarantined child (and a grumpy other child who has a particularly social nature and likes to go out A LOT) I would really, really like to go away somewhere by myself for quite a long time.....actually it hasn't been that bad but a bit of cabin fever is definitely starting to sneak in!

So, now I can show you what I have been doing over the last couple of days to try and ease the boredom/cure the cabin fever etc.

Firstly, I have made yet more cards. My niece and nephew's birthdays are coming up and, seeing as I can't buy cards in english here, a couple of cards were in order. I could have used a gorgeous floral art card from my very talented photographer friend, Karen, however I had a specific idea in mind for my niece (SPOILER WARNING MELISSA!) and I didn't think a teenage boy would be that thrilled with a flower - no matter the beauty of the shot - so I came up with these two.

Miss E was inspired and made her own card too. I love it - I think her colour coordination is often much better than mine (see russian doll card in earlier post).

After our card making time, A was in desperate need of some crafty fun so I came up with the idea of drawing a basic outline picture on the non-sticky side of some contact adhesive and then turned it over for him to stick little crepe paper squares on. It went very well and cutting up all the crepe paper wasn't toooo time consuming (good thing is, a little goes a long way and they will last for a number of projects).

Here is the drawing....

Here it is flipped over with the crepe paper ready and waiting.... (hint: turn under a couple or all corners to stick it to the tabletop so it doesn't move about when little fingers touch the sticky part)

Here is A getting busy....

Here is Miss E's turn....

Here are the finished products! I put another layer of contact over the top of them so they can hang around for awhile.


  1. Well aren't you full of fantastic ideas .... the contact idea is great !! :)

  2. Thank you! Am loving your blog by the way.



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