Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrift Store Thursday

Look at this lovely lady I picked up the other day.  She is a brass bell.  I haven't found much info online about her but the cheapest I saw it sold was on Etsy for $17.  So I am counting my $4 pickup a bargain.  I am very discerning about what I buy at thrift stores now - I bought too much when I first got to the US and discovered these fabulous places close by me - and often leave with nothing.  But I just love this and I couldn't leave her there.  I don't even like anything gold normally.  How about you?  Picked up anything fab lately?


  1. Great find, Catherine! I envy those who manage to snag wonderful things, but I don't seem to have the same luck! My mother does, though! :)

    1. I have been pretty lucky I have to admit! The thrill of the hunt never gets old...



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