Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I am squeaking this post in by the skin of my teeth...  Busy week, sick kids, blah blah.  Anyway, on to the photo.  My sister and her family visited us from Australia last September/October and, on one of our outings, we spent some time on the banks of Lake Superior in Duluth (we all loved it btw!).  It is a very rocky/pebbly shore and I had the great idea that we could all look for heart shaped rocks as I had seen a number of them on other people's blogs awhile ago.  We did find a few but my sister also found this lovely little heart eroded into a big rock.  So I will leave you with that and save my 'bah humbug' anti-Valentine rant for another day.... :)


  1. LOL! Hope everyone is now all well and you ended up having a nice Valentine's Day afterall! :)

    1. Unfortunately I spent the day with a sick kiddo, listening to him sniff and snuffle all day! My bah humbug feelings remain.... :))



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