Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where I will be for the next 4 days....

Ok, who knows where this is?  I will be catching a bit of well deserved R&R by myself (yes, BY MYSELF) for the next four days.  Well, I am travelling by myself.  I should clarify (tips hat to sister #3 - she gets the joke).  I am actually going to visit a girlfriend there.  Should take about 24 hours before I miss my husband and kids horribly but I will suffer through the remaining three days.  I am a trooper like that.


  1. Oooh - is that Whistler??

    Hope you manage to battle through those four days of not cooking or cleaning or getting up early. It sounds hard, but I guess someone has to do it!

  2. Well i was going to say that i have no idea ... but the name of the photo gave it away lol .... it looks fabulous ! and i am very jealous !!

  3. Darn it, Karen, I forgot about the photo name!! ha ha.



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