Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quickie address book

I am continuing with organising and decluttering my house and looking for every little area where I can do that.  One of these is an address book.  For quite a few years now I have been trying to do this electronically and, for whatever reason, it just isn't working for me.  I end up with addresses in different programs or in my email and I don't get around to putting them all in one spot.  I think being a very tactile person also interfere's with my good intentions when utilising technology.  I just like to feel paper in my hands sometimes.  I am trying to overcome this with my personal calendar too.  I have a perfectly good phone with a very good calendar system and am trying to get in the habit of using it whilst walking past all the gorgeous paper calendars.  The problem with a paper calendar is that I don't like taking it in my handbag because I like to keep the weight down but then I don't have it with me when I am making appointments and so on.  Anyway, that is a whole other topic, I am digressing.

To solve my address book problem, I made up a very simple system that works for me.  I used 3" x 5" inch ruled index cards to write everyone's details on.  A separate card for each family/friend.  I can write quite a bit on each card.  As well as the usual address and phone numbers, I also add things like their email addresses, birthdays, the names of their children and any other notes I feel like.

I made up front and back covers in Powerpoint and printed them out.

I laminated them and then hole punched the front and back covers and all the cards.  Then I used little hinged rings to hold it all together.  Similar to my recipe folder, I haven't used alphabet dividers or anything.  All the cards are alphabetical but that is it.  I have spare cards at the back so if I need to make major changes to a card or add another one, they are already there.

Oh, by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed my four days away and have come back all refreshed (and looking forward to lots of hugs)!  These are the sorts of views I enjoyed in the beautiful Banff and it was wonderful to share it all with a good friend.  I have to say one of the things I really enjoyed about my trip was sitting in the airport reading a book and, for once, not being the parent struggling with kids!  Oh yes, and eating at nice restaurants and going into shops that are not kid friendly and sleeping in and eating breakfast slowly and....  Aaah, the simple joys. :-)


  1. For years and years, I used to keep contact info and all sorts of little notes in a 3x5 spiral notebook I took everywhere. I finally gave up after the third spill in a month from a leaky water bottle or from rain soaking through my bag. These days, while it's not perfect, the electronic brain in a box is working for me.

  2. Oh, so brilliant!! If my iPhone and Google were both to die on the same day...I'd be toast. ;-) lol

  3. @ trashmaster46, I get where you are coming from for sure. I don't take this one with me though. It is mainly for my reference at home when I am posting parcels and letters.
    @ Aunt LoLo, can you print out a hard copy of your contacts on those?



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