Monday, April 19, 2010

Conversation with Lord A

Conversation with Lord A while snuggling before falling asleep last night:

A - How do you fix a tree?
M – What is wrong with it?
A – It is broken
M – You can’t fix it I don’t think if it is split down the middle or something
A – Yes, you can fix it.  The tree fixer can do it.  He uses a squilar.  A squilar fixes it and a tiemotor.  Then, another tree fixer comes along and he has squares.  He gives squares to the first tree fixer and they fix it together.
M – Hmm, I see.
A – and then they put a jacket on it.  They put a jacket on it so it doesn’t get dirty from shirts.
M – Yes, well, that would be important, wouldn’t it?
*pause while Mummy runs out of room to write conversation down before it carries on and she knows she won’t remember it all*

Darn it, he fell asleep before I could get back and listen for further developments in the story….

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  1. What a lovely post!!!
    A pity he fell asleep so soon, haha...



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