Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A tad late...

Okay, a lot late.  I will just quickly share some very late halloween piccies before I move right along.  We had a late notice (and small) Halloween pumpkin carving party at our house two days before Halloween so I had to come up with some very quick ideas for food and decorating.  Not growing up celebrating Halloween I had to rely on Google to come up with some ideas.    I made a layered dip (refried beans, salsa, sour cream, grated cheese & guacomole) and drew a spider web on top with sour cream.  It is a very lame spiders web but I was in a rush and having a mental block obviously!  I couldn't even find a plastic spider to lend some help here...

Then we had 'Pizza Mummies' - I don't have a photo of ours but here are the ones from Disney Family Fun.

Their recipe suggested using english muffins as the pizza base but I just made up my own pizza dough and the kids got to roll out their own mini pizzas and decorate them.  I also used green stuffed olives for the eyes.

Me and my trusty helper (Hi Tori!) decorated bought mini meringues as little ghouly ghosty things (I lined the plate with black paper cut out with scalloped edge scissors).

My aforementioned trusty helper also helped make 'witches wands' (I, again, forgot to take photos so here is the photo from Our Best Bites where I got the idea).  Our Best Bites had some excellent suggestions so I highly recommend you click on that link and check them out.

These are the desserts - little chocolate pudding 'graveyards'.  Our Best Bites had ones like this but with gummy worms all through them but I couldn't find those so substituted in the headstones instead.  I used Pepperidge Farm cookies and piped the crosses and RIP's on them in melted chocolate (if I had more time I might have dipped the cookies in melted white chocolate to make them all one colour too).  The pudding is packaged pudding mix (I really don't like these but I didn't have time to make it from scratch) topped with crushed Oreo's (I love how the Oreo's really look like dirt!).

So, the only decorating I managed was placing a length of orange fabric under the glass on my dining table and I cut out jack-o-lantern faces for each corner out of black paper.  Quick but it looked cute.  You can see in the background my BOO printout and I remembered I had a glass pumpkin in my cupboard so that was a perfect accent (along with a tiny black cat from Princess E's Pet Palz collection - it even had a tiny little pumpkin under one paw).

We also had fun carving our very first pumpkins with our friends from the US and I cannot find the photos I took of them!!!  So annoyed.  They look so much better in real life than the pictures in magazines even.  The only disappointing thing was that, because it is spring here, they only lasted two days before becoming rotten mouldy messes!

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  1. Better late then never!!!

    I love those pizza mummies! My husband laughed when I showed him the gravestones in the 'dirt'. He thought it was really dirt at first. Very clever!!



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