Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recycled clock part

Awhile ago I was having fun changing faces on some very cheap Ikea clocks.  Unfortunately my over-enthusiastic efforts led to the first one not working anymore so I pulled it apart and this clear acrylic piece was one of the leftover pieces and I thought it looked like a handy little tray.  I have been using it since then for different odds and ends, usually in Princess E's room (otherwise known as the Aladdin's cave of odds and ends - what is it about little girls and all their STUFF - oh, wait, actually I am still like that.....).

Here is how it looked before after coming out of the clock.

I used my trusty Mod Podge to apply green tissue paper around the lip (I have it raised on a roll of duct tape).

Then I cut out a circle of my Dotty Garland paper and stuck that to the bottom with the Mod Podge.

Here is where it got a little tricky as the home printed paper will smudge if you use Mod Podge straight on it.  So, thinking myself very clever, I used a spray on varnish instead.  Only, instead of giving me my nice shiny finish, the paper just absorbed it.  So, back to the Mod Podge.  I figured the varnish may have set the ink enough to stop it smudging and I was right!  Failing that I was heading to my scrapbook paper stash for another circle.  Aaaanyway, it all worked out and I think it turned out cute for Princess E.  Here is a before and after of her bedside table with it on.


and After - much better!

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