Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring cushion (pillow)

Hello, pretty cushion/pillow....

So, how is winter going in your neck of the woods?  Are you stuck in Narnia like some of us??  Or do you live in Texas and smugly watch the weather channel?  If so, let me know your address and I will be on my way!

Well, whilst outside looks like this still (aaaaand it just started snowing again... yay! NOT) I am trying to keep my sanity by keeping busy.  I have a whole spreadsheet of projects to do to keep my mind off the NEVER ENDING COLDEST FLIPPING WINTER in the history of the world me.

Our yard is literally half full of snow... gonna be a swamp back here!

Anyway, I have a gazillion half done projects but actually managed to start and finish this cushion (pillow) cover today in the time my kids were doing their math lesson.  It is super quick and super satisfying.  I can't claim this as my idea, the wonderful Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick showed me how here.

First, a couple of days ago, I bought this placemat at Target when it took my eye with its pretty Spring like yellow.  I am desperate for anything that even hints at Spring so this got thrown in the cart quickly when I remembered this project.  Oh and obviously you need a fabric placemat with two layers of fabric for this type of project.

Then you simply use a seam ripper (or quick un-pick as my Mum always calls them) to open a seam of whichever side you want.

Stuff it with polyester filling or down filling or straw or whatever takes your fancy.

Stitch it closed again by machine or by hand, whichever you prefer.  I pinched mine down on the side and put pins in first to hold it and then stitched it on my sewing machine (sorry, forgot to take photos of that step).  From memory, I think Sarah did hers by hand to sew it back up.  My placemat already had an outline stitch so it was easier to just follow the original stitch line anyway.

Then, TA DA, plop it on your sofa and bask in the joy of making something yourself.  I have a bunch of cushions (pillows) on my sofa's that I am planning on giving some love to so stay tuned for some more ideas.

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