Friday, July 6, 2012

Shaker Village in Kentucky

Well I have been AWOL for a bit longer than I thought but am back now!  My family and I actually just did a big road trip and saw some of the good ol' US for ourselves.  It was a blast and the highlight for me was staying at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky during our trip.  This is a place that I have wanted to visit for a long time and it didn't disappoint at all (despite E and I getting violently ill on the morning we were supposed to leave - ugh).  It is a BEAUTIFUL place and I want to just move right in and live there pretty much.  I know my Mum and sister's would love it too.  I took so many photos (about 400!) so I have whittled down as many as I could to give you a little look at this spectacular place.  I am already planning a return visit next year.
 The tree lined centre road (turnpike) of the village that is only for pedestrians now.

They had these lovely wooden benches dotted everywhere, sometimes accompanied by a table.  Don't even get me started on the white fences everywhere.  So beautiful.

The east family dwelling where we stayed.

The windows everywhere had deep sills and these simple white linen curtains (this window was in our room).  Perfection.

A door to the central meeting house.  They work very hard at their restoration work here and do it beautifully but I also think there is beauty in the old peeling paint.

Another bench and some of the miles of stone fencing everywhere.

View of the Central Family Dwelling from the Meeting House across the way.  This building is made of 2 foot thick limestone from basement to roof top.  Note the two gates and two doors.  One for women (left) and the other for the men.  They had separate staircases inside too.

Like these.  This is a view of the hallway heading to their common meeting room.

Part of the basement kitchen area in the centre family dwelling.

 One of the bedrooms - love those rugs and bed coverlets (hand loomed on the property).

 Love the simplicity of this bedroom.

Gorgeous and very tall cupboard in a bedroom with a stool.

 I loved this big old cupboard in the baking room.
 Beautiful upper hallway in the centre family dwelling (my favourite building).
The kids got to pat a baby goat....

and play on a wooden swing (there is one of those benches again - seriously want one or three)...

 and stand on fences at dusk while we waited for the fireflies to come out.

Best time ever.


  1. Welcome back, Catherine! Sounds like you had a lovely trip (well . . . except for the violently ill part, that is! :)

    There are some spectacular places in this country! I have posted a few pics on my blog of some of the travels I have made. If you want to check them out, you can find them under the labels by area or place name and also the tag Beautiful Places. I am hoping to get some pics up of my trip up the west coast, from So Cal to Canada, one of these days. It was from several years back, but the scenery is spectacular!

    I love the white fences, BTW! :)

  2. Thanks Willow! I will pop over and check some of yours out.



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