Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

Like the rest of you, I have a teensy little addiction to Pinterest.  It has finally come to my attention that viewing projects on the internet is not actually the same as doing them yourself.  I know, who knew huh??  So, with that in mind, I am setting myself a challenge to actually make some of the projects I have pinned.  Here is my list of pinned projects I would like to get done next week.

Start on my goal of refreshing my memory and re-learning how to crochet ...

Attempt to hand stencil a pillow using a fabric marker pen ... 

Make a hand towel for the kitchen that looks better than an old dish rag.

How about you, anyone else been challenging themselves to actually make some of their pinned projects?


  1. I like your chosen projects! I actually have made two of my pinned projects. Bookmarks and wall art, I blogged about both. I have even made some of the recipes - go me :)

  2. Oh dear...I'm a pintrest reader not a pinner. But I do have a zillion projects on the to-do list! Making paper mache easter tree ornaments and make gourmet grown-up pizza for the mister and I after the kids go to bed are two of them...

  3. I wish I could make any of the things I pin! I'm more of a looker than a doer! Good luck to you!

  4. Love this post! Best of luck to you. I have started a blog to document my pinterest adventure. I wanted to be motivated to try all the things that I pinned. I will be watching to see how you do. Great stuff indeed!



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