Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift wrapping

Here is one idea for gift wrapping I am going with.  I printed out some sheets of paper I designed last year (snowflake in red here, dotty stems), wrapped red yarn around and popped it through some labels I designed and printed out from MS Powerpoint.  I really like how these turned out.  If you would like similar labels you can download them here.  It is a Powerpoint file so you can add your own text if you want (plus in three different colour ways).  I also did rounded rectangle ones that are WAY easier to cut out.  That little notch in the corner?  Pain in the butt....

Oh, I just realised I never posted a link to the snowflake paper in blue...oops.  Here it is if you want it.


  1. What gorgeous papers and labels. Lee x

  2. The wrapping is lovely and I can't wait until I get to rip it off although it will be with some regret, small but



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