Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

Yep, I have thrifty goodness coming out of my ears lately.  Just a quick post to show you my latest scores!

An Emile Henry jug I bought for $4.99 (that is retailing on Amazon for around $60).  It is perfect and I love it!

A West Elm faux bois patterned planter for $8 (no idea if this is a good deal - they no longer sell it).  I also got that cute geranium for just $1 at the thrift store too.

A complete game board of Mousetrap.  Lord A (I can't keep up with my nicknames for my kids either...) has been asking and asking for me to buy this for him so when I spotted it for $1 I snatched it up.

It doesn't take long for him to personalise how he plays though.

I actually got this before last Christmas (for about $5) but forgot to mention it.  It is not a great quality one but it works fine and the kids love it so that is good enough for me.  Only problem is, we have used up the candles and I can't find where to buy new ones.  Anyone have any advice about that??


  1. What amazing deals you got. Sorry though,Im no help on the candle front. Lee xx

  2. IKEA has some chandelier candles that are 1" across...those might work?



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