Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wha?? It is October already??

Oh my gosh, how time flies when you are busy.  Ok, well we are settling in nicely to our new home.  The house is great, the kids are happily ensconced in school and I only have my craft/sewing stuff left to unpack.  So, here is my question everybody.  I need to buy a new sewing machine and I am having a hard time deciding which one.  I mainly sew easy clothes and even easier homeware type stuff like cushions and I will be delving into the area of sewing for dolls soon (my daughter has acquired a passion for American Girl dolls).  Basically, I don't need an industrial type machine anyway.  I want to know what you all use and what you like/don't like about it.  Also, where is a good place to buy them in the US?  Do they sell them at Joann's?  Can you believe I have only visited a Michael's store twice and have never even visited a Joann's since being in the US (we arrived way back in June)??  I haven't dared go near them when I can't actually do anything yet.  What self control!  Ha ha.


  1. Gosh, you need to make up for lost time .... go to JoAnns, go directly to JoAnns and do not pass Go or collect $200 (actually forget that last bit ... you should probably take $200 with you!).

    Good luck with choosing your new machine.

  2. Glad to see you back!!!

    I can´t help you about the sewing machine, sorry... I have one but seldom use it, I´m so clumsy with it :(

  3. How's that? You have a blog bludge for a couple of months and you get an increase in the number of followers!! :)

  4. @ Liesl - oh, I am so going to enjoy it when I get there!!

    @ eska - thanks! can't wait to get back into it and to keep up with everyone.

    @ Anonymous (aka - B!) - ha ha, I know who you are....

  5. oh you have such creative and amazing blog ^.^ Love it ♥

  6. Welcome, sweetie!!

    JoAnn's does have machines, but they only carry Singers...which I don't care for. (Unless you can get a vintage one, the new ones are kind of fluffy and don't get great reviews.) I have a Brother ex660. It was from Costco a few years ago. It's computerized, and has done everything I've asked it to do (except monogram - boohoo!) and done it well. My machine was about $130. (If you step up a little bit, you can get a Brother machine with an alphabet font, which might be nice!)

    I'm currently drooling over the Janome Horizon...but at $3,000USD, I'll be saving up for a while. ;-)

    Look around and find a sewing machine shop. Sometimes they're partnered with vacuum shops. Or most quilt shops will have a certain brand of machine they'll specialize in (usually Bernina, Janome or Pfaff).

    Good luck!!

  7. Buy a basic BERNINA you will never regret it they are a bit pricey. No hassles with tension, easy to use, they even have a special quilting model with a knee control to lift the presser foot so your hands are free when doing fiddly things.This is a totally disinterested testimonial, I have one and it is my second one in 38 years.

  8. I would recommend JoAnns as well! Get something basic... around the $200 mark. That will be a decent enough machine that it won't give you headaches and not so costly that it will break the bank. I have a Brother machine and I love it.

  9. Hi, Catherine - just stumbled on your blog today and I will definitely be a frequent visitor. Welcome to Minnesota. I, too live in Minneapolis--South Minneapolis near Lake Nokomis--so am not too far from where you must be. I also love to make a lot of things. I have sewn since I was 12 and have had Singer, Viking and Bernette sewing machines. I liked the Viking the best but it was very expensive and only lasted about 20 years (aren't they supposed to last forever?) Now I have a Bernette (made by Bernina) and it's okay. Not really great. Good luck finding one you like. Cheryl Winget



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