Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everyone sick of felt flowers yet??

Too bad!  Ok, I think this is my second last idea for felt flowers (well, that I am going to post anyway...).  These would look cute in abundance on your fridge or noticeboard I think.  I have simply glued a smallish flower onto a decent sized magnet (I love these larger, really strong magnets - I got them in a hardware store in Malaysia and I wish I had bought about a hundred of them!).  I wasn't sure if the glue would stick but I have used regular old craft glue and whatever I stick to them sticks very well (this is the glue I used to glue foreign coins to some magnets too and they are still going strong).

Also, a quick hello and thank you to all my Followers!  It is so cool seeing you there.  It helps knowing I am not just talking to myself.... :-)

A big thank you to One Pretty Thing and Craft Gossip for featuring some of my projects lately as well.  Those sites are very cool - go check them out!

Actually I really should update my blog list at the side there.  I have so many more in my Google Reader...

1 comment:

  1. They are beautiful, before I saw this post I was actually thinking to make similar buttoned flowers for my lunchbox straps instead only buttons ;) I have to go out and look for some felt...

    Just subscribed to your RSS, love all your ideas! :)



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